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About Me

Meet San theessayclub.com https://writemyessayrapid.com/ Hunsaker…

San Hunsaker - Owner / TrainerSome might say I was born horse crazy. As a little girl, my favorite playground game was “Horses,” where I, of course, played the part of a horse. My dress ties became reins, and needless to say, they wereimpromptu questions easy informative speech topics always getting torn off. As I grew up, my passion for horses intensified. By the age of nine, it could no longer be contained. Once as I walked by a corral full of horses, I coaxed one to the fence so I could hop aboard. Of course I was bareback and without a bridle. Despite the danger of being caught or injured, I had a blast! Let’s just say that first ride roped me into horses for life.

During my life, I’ve owned 13 different horses. My first was a mustang filly that my father received as payment for work as a mechanic. Dad had her green broke, but she was not the best match for an eleven year old with no experience. We ended up trading her for an older broke mare that was in foal. Those two horses were with me for many years.

My love for horses has never waivered. However, while raising my family I was without a horse for nearly 25 years. With the responsibilities of working full time and being there for my kids, that preferred regular athletics, taking care of horses wasn’t in the cards for me. But, when our youngest child went off to college, my husband and I bought a home on the beautiful McKenzie River outside of Springfield, Oregon. With my newly acquired time and property, it took me no time at all to welcome horses back into my life.

After my long hiatus from horses, I admittedly didn’t do a great job of selecting my horses. I bought beautiful horses with little training and I also rescued a few. Some were fearful while others were disrespectful and hard to handle. For my own safety and the well being of my horses, I went on a journey to learn as much as I could about natural horsemanship training techniques. After a long process of studying trainers, attending clinics and buying everyone’s training DVD’s, I realized that the Lyons’ way of training best suited me.

Over the past few years, I’ve ridden in clinics with John and Josh Lyons and worked with Doug and Kathy Vouchell (certified Lyons trainers) to learn their methods of natural horsemanship. I had the distinct opportunity to participate in the Josh Lyons Accreditation Program. I finished this training in December, 2008, and I am now an official Josh Lyons Accredited Trainer.

My goal as a horse trainer is to help people who are facing the same challenges that I did, and do it in a relaxed, pressure free atmosphere. Do you feel frustrated, fearful or out of control when you ride your horse? Do you wonder, “Is it my horse or is it me?” Or, do you have a few training issues and just need to know the next step? Along the way to becoming an accredited trainer, I‘ve learned that knowledge, time and patience are keys to a great relationship with your horse. The joy I have with my horses has been worth the effort. So whether you’re bringing horses back into your life, you’re a new horse owner, your horse just needs a tune up, or you want to advance his/her training…I can help.

San Hunsaker